TrumpWatch -Veille sur les délires de Donald Trump

Veille sur les délires de Donald Trump - Monitoring Trump delusions

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TrumpWatch is tuned to monitor a select numbers of sources that cover Donald Trump with an investigation journalism approach and on top of that, the account monitors the News with Google News, with a more mainstream coverage of Trump delusions.

The sections of monitoring done with Google News also covers the impact of the January 6 Capitol riots, the indictments of Trump and anything that come up connected to this nexus.

Sources for the Trump segment

  • AllSides - Headline Roundups: Site
  • Donald Trump’s Truth Social Posts & News: Site | RSS
  • Court Cases - Democracy Docket: Site | RSS
  • Docket updates for United States v. Trump, 9:23-cr-80101: Site | RSS
  • Seth Abramson Proof: Site | RSS
  • Trump Google News: [Site] | [RSS]
  • Trump - Emptywheel: Site | RSS

Sources for the Jan6 segment

  • Capitol Riot | Jan 6. Investigation: Site | RSS
  • Department of Justice: Site | RSS
  • Hunting Insurrectionists: Site | RSS
  • Jan6 Google News: [Site] | [RSS]
  • January 6 hearings | The Guardian: Site | RSS
  • NYT > U.S. > Politics: Site | RSS
  • January 6 - Emptywheel: Site | RSS

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  • Tweaks to skip sources such as zerohedge, daily caller, breitbart etc..

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